I'm thrilled to announce today that Postcard will be available on iOS worldwide on February 19th. It has come a long way since the idea first started forming just over a year ago but I'm incredibly happy with final result. A huge thanks to everyone who encouraged me and helped me test and improve Postcard to where it is today.

As of today the new launch page has been posted and you can see a video preview of the app sending a message out to several networks including, of course, my own website!

So what makes Postcard special? Well,

  • It's a write once, share everywhere authoring tool that gives you post-by-post control of where you share
  • It lets one network serve as a 'host' and the remaining networks share a link back to that 'host' network's content
  • The 'host' feature can be used to effectively overcome message length and media type limitations of some networks i.e. Host a video with a long message on Facebook and share it to Twitter
  • It allows any prepared website to also receive the posted content

While posting to one's own website may not be the first feature that I'm advertising, it is the one I am personally most excited about because it represents most strongly why I first started building this app in the first place - to help people solve content ownership and control issues I see prevalent in the shape of social media today. There is a big opportunity with this app to make sure your website doesn't go stale as you post regular short form content to social networks. Furthermore, if advertising revenue or lead generation are important aspects of your website, there's all the more reason to take advantage of the 'host' feature and draw traffic from networks to your website.

Postcard and its API Protocol are my attempts at moving toward a more open and standardized model for the way we use social networking. For those of us who are active content creators, I think this marks a very important change in the way we use social media.

This week I'm preparing for launch next Wednesday and am happy to answer any questions about the app and how it might help empower the way you use social media.