I'm proud to announce today that I've finally released a long overdue update for my website. The old one was getting a bit stale and the portfolio was seriously out of date but other things, namely client work, always took priority. One of the biggest reasons I finally got around to actually updating my site was out of necessity to start 'dogfooding' Postcard in preparation for its beta and upcoming release. As a result, you'll notice some strong similarities between this site's layout and the Postcard launch page.

Today I wanted to briefly go over some of the new website functionality that is integrated with Postcard.

The header image

You see that image at the top with my goofy expression? That's a 'selfie' I took a little while ago and when I sent it to my social networks, including this website, I tagged it with '#profile'. That tag functions as an indicator to Postcard that this is my new profile picture.

Similar to my header image, the interesting links section functions through the power of tagging my posts as 'interesting' or 'useful'. However, you might notice that not all these posts have been explicitly labelled as '#interesting' or '#useful'. That's because postcard includes the ability to privately tag posts and not occupy message space.

The 'About Me' section

At the bottom of my About page I embedded a picture gallery. It is simply a gallery of recent image or video content I post directly to this website. Much like Instagram's website, you can click on any image to navigate the pictures through a modal overlay. You'll notice that this gallery works well in any size, whether you are on a desktop or mobile phone. That's because Postcard (as well as this website) is design responsively to fit well in any situation.

Beta begins

As of today I'm finally actively approaching people who have signed up to beta test Postcard and I'd be happy to work with others who are interested but haven't signed up yet. Just email me at kyle@bitwit.ca or signup on the launch page and I will reach out to you very soon.