Today myself and Ken Carpenter are starting our awareness campaign for a new free app marketing service called App Rewards Club which is replacing This new service will be launching in full force within a few weeks time with an iOS app and several other new features. You can learn more by reading on, or by visiting our new App Rewards Club Blog site. We felt it was important to speak from our own hearts candidly prior to unifying our voice through App Rewards Club. What follows below is more about my personal reasons for starting this service. You can also read Ken's personal entry here.

Long time, no blog

I've been a little bit secretive about what I've been working on lately, but with our launch approaching it's time to let the cat out of the bag and start talking about App Rewards Club - A new free app promotions service that is fair and equitable to indie developers and companies alike. For those who are familiar with the #iDevBlogADay community, you should also be familiar with my partner on this project, Ken Carpenter; He's also introduced App Rewards Club on his site this week.

Before I go further into the reason for this project and the vision Ken and I have created, let me share my frustration with the existing free app promotion services:

The problem with free app promotion services

Over a year ago when my first app, Pixel Fighters, was still fresh on the store, I sought to promote it on a free app promotion service. The desire to use one of these services quickly faded when I realized a few things

  • The best services were easily charging $5000 or more to use their service
  • These services made NO guarantee whatsoever about their outcome
  • In the majority of cases they were not willing to be paid in part based on post-promotion sales and IAP revenue
  • The apps were offered little respect, jammed into a 3 or 5 pack of free apps that day
  • Many of the services were all popping up ads and generally degrading the user experience

Now I can't blame these services for some of these things. In particular, I understand that it is hard to guarantee performance and take compensation based on results. However, I think it is highly unethical to just take anyone's money if you really didn't give a crap either way.

There enlies my biggest beef with the existing services today - they just don't seem to care to try or be fair or transparent, they are just there.

How do they get away with this? Two reasons:

  1. They work (just not for everyone)
  1. Many people still have the gold rush syndrome

When you think about it, those are two decent reasons not to change or challenge one's business model until you absolutely need to.

Time for change

Most simply put, Ken and I feel everyone deserves a better option. We've spent many hours discussing what works, what doesn't, and what needs to change in the free app promotion business:

  • Users shouldn't be bombarded with ads and the daily offering should be simple
  • Further to the above, every app promoted should be given full attention for a day. A service should demonstrate that it respects and is proud of the apps it promotes
  • An app service should be more fairly priced, listed on the website, and highly discounted among developers who cooperate
  • Users should have a strong incentive to return every day
  • Social Media should be a strategy and not an afterthought (aka the typical plugin like/tweet buttons)

Introducing App Rewards Club

App Rewards Club is our free app promotions service that will be launching soon on both iPhone and iPad in the coming weeks. In addition to addressing the points above, let me explain what we are about.

App Rewards Club is a promotional service designed to reward users for downloading and spreading the word about apps. Rewards come in the form of Kiip instant redemption prizes, chances to win paid apps and Rewards Den points.

Users are encouraged to say whatever they want in a social media message about the app. We believe that canned social messages only contribute to the clutter and offer little value added. It's better instead that users speak from the heart whether they like something or not and be rewarded just for saying anything socially.

For developers, we want to offer the most competitively priced service that maximizes return on investment. We believe that an entirely free service, which is forced to use advertising for revenue, cannot offer the best results.

In addition to our competitive price, we will also offer multiple cooperative discounts. This means that developers who are the most flexible and willing to help us, will save even more money.

Where do we go from here?

So I've told you a little bit about App Rewards Club and what it is going to be. Hopefully you are excited, maybe you aren't. At the end of the day I can tell you it is our mission to be the most fair, transparent and innovative free app promotions services in the iOS App Store. What that means to you is that we are always listening and looking to improve our model for the benefit of both the user and the developer.

If you are planning to use a free app promotions service this year, shouldn't it be App Rewards Club?

Users come first, developers come second

The only reason to use the most expensive promotion services right now are the sheer number of eyeballs they offer - We get that. We know that the only way to deliver on our promise is to drive users to our app first and get developers on board second. If in the next few weeks you don't see us trying to shove App Rewards Club down every developers' throat, that is why.

Join us now!

We are looking to promote apps immediately. App Rewards Club has replaced Ken's and is continuing forward. Now is the time to get a great deal from a new promotion service that is actively trying to grow its user base in the the coming months. We want developers on board now.

The ARC Blog begins now

In addition to the awesome new service we want you to us, we will also be launching a transparent blog which will cover any and all topics related to App Rewards Club, its development and app marketing. Ken and I will work together on blog entries for App Reward Club for here on.

I expect this is the first and last time I will talk at length about App Rewards Club on my own blog. Thanks for reading and I look forward to talking with everyone more about this exciting new service.