This week I'm very proud to announce my upcoming software release, Postcard. Postcard is a private social networking platform for websites that helps owners post content to social networks as well as their websites. My first focus is on supporting WordPress sites but there is possibility in the future to make many other web frameworks compatible.

Among the various applications of Postcard, I wanted to briefly discuss why I think this is a useful tool to indie developers like myself. Postcard's primary goal is to help get content on your own website as well as social networks if you don't have time to do long-form blogging. I know that I'm personally guilty of this problem. Over time I have seen my own website, as well as the websites of others, start to go stale. Meanwhile, we are actively involved in our communities, developing new projects and updating our Twitter accounts multiple times daily with increasingly rich content like images and videos.

Filtered feeds and #screenshotsaturday

If you are a game developer you might be familiar with the hashtag #screenshotsaturday. It's commonly used when people want to share pictures of a current game project in progress. #screenshotsaturday is a great example of times when we share interesting content in social media but probably neglect to get it on our website. It's also a great example of how Postcard could be incorporated into your existing habits and provide new benefits.

For example, let's say one of your games is called "Potatoes From Space". You might tag the post with both #screenshotsaturday and #spacepotatoes every time you give a status update on Twitter. Harnessing the power of Postcard you would be gaining the opportunity to embed a gallery on your website of all your #screenshotsaturday pictures or perhaps make a pre-launch page for Potatoes From Space with a gallery or feed of its #spacepotatoes updates.

It's not just about images or videos either. If you are someone who likes collecting useful internet resources and sharing various types of topical news, Postcard is a great way to maintain a feed focussed in any particular category using the tagging system.

Just like that you can be keeping your website fresh and blogging again, but in a more micro/social-oriented format.

More on Postcard/ Beta testers wanted

There's a lot more to learn about the power of Postcard. You can learn more and sign up to be notified of the launch on the Postcard Homepage. I will be writing and sharing more information on The Postcard Blog. I'm actively recruiting testers for both the WordPress plugin and iOS app. Please sign up on the launch page.