Just as I promised, I've been a bad blogger for the last month or so. A new job has been consuming me quite a bit, and what small time remains between social/lifestyle activities for computer work is usually spent on the big update for Pixel Fighters. There's a massive amount of new art and game features coming in the next chapter and like things go usually, it's taking longer than desired and expected.

On the bright side, I'm having a great time with my new job as (primarily) a Web Developer and it's teaching me some great concepts in building e-commerce and content management systems.

Boring crap aside, the reason I really made this post was to update my sales figures. It has now been a little bit over 4 months since launch

Sales have diminished about from my last post but the "Mini-Feature" category that I previously described is still ongoing in parts of Europe. Germany now accounts for approximately 30% of my total revenue and has sold 28% of all my units sold. I would say that on average I'm selling about 30 copies per week these days. Personally, I'm happy to be selling any amount these days.

There isn't much else to say for now. This was only intended as a short and simple update in follow up to my post "2 Months Since Launch"

What's Next?

I hope to be on the active iDevBlogADay bloggers list soon, which I'm pretty excited about. I've got a few larger discussion topics prepared, and really hope to illicit some discussion about the marketplace we are working within. It will also force me into bi-weekly posting for several months!

Pixel Fighters Chapter 2 is my number one iOS focus at the moment and my second free game is next priority. I hope to be actively beta testing both again at the end of this month. If you are interested, please sign up here ~ Cheers