It's tough to recover from a near 3-year silence on this blog but I am determined to find ways to make it happen. I've been spending a lot of time thinking about why I dont blog and what stops me. I want to share a few today and provide ideas for resolve.


The first and most common of these issues is finding the time. Blogging is work. It takes time to do research, it takes time to write, it takes time to proof-read and so on. Sure, I could cut some corners here and there but a quality blog needs these things to not irritate the reader.

Time: Resolution

One thing I do have complete control over is the length of an entry. This is the area where I plan to make the most change. Smaller entries, more often.

Imposter Syndrome

9 years into my self-taught software development career I struggle with feeling like a non-expert. I always find new things that humble me and it unfortunately makes finding my voice harder. Yet, at the same time I kick butt at my day-to-day jobs. I meet or exceed employer expectations and help others around me learn and expand their skills. I care about the backend and the frontend regardless of where I'm assigned. I care about the continuous integration pipeline and the project management style. I care about the business objectives. I know that this breadth of passion makes me a great software developer. It's only when I get online that I start to feel like a little fish in a big pond. I envy the 9-year younger version of myself that started this blog and shared with the world what limited knowledge and experience he had.

Imposter Syndrome: Resolution

To combat imposter syndrome I need to throw caution to the wind and hit the publish button more often. Paired with a goal of shorter entries, the fear of 'being an imposter' will diminish.

Struggles with what this blog is about

This blog has never be razor focused in its subject matter. I've blogged about topics tangential to software development from marketing to Soylent. Still, as I move forward I've wanted this blog to find a stronger voice. Without regular blogging frequency I'm not sure it will ever get one.

Blog Niche: Resolution

This blog will not become a tutorial site or a news site for the latest developments in any particular language. I expect the blog's content will be as polyglot as I am a developer. I'm okay with that. I will aim to focus more on meta-level challenges of software development that are ubiquitous. That's not to say I will never stray but focusing on challenges of being in software development is an area where my voice will feel most natural. I've been thinking a lot about how if I want to tweet anything on software development longer than a tweet, it may be blog worthy if I can expand it to at least 1000 characters (not words, characters!). It might be a short reflection on something I've read recently and that's better than silence.

Aaaaand Time!

That's all for now. I'm sticking with resolution #1, so this is where I will stop today.