Looks like 2012 is going to be a big iOS year for me. Here's why:

A spiffy new job

I'm very proud to announce that I recently started a new position with Transcontinental Interactive as an iOS Developer. This is a huge landmark for me, as it has been a goal of mine to be a mobile developer at an agency for quite some time. If you read my blog entry "Aren't You Glad You Learned iOS?" several months ago, you know that iOS pioneered my career change over the last 2.5 years and this is another landmark in that accomplishment. I'm really excited to improve/develop apps for some big name brands from Canada/North America this year. The experience will be fantastic.

Speaking of which, my past iOS experience/blog content has been almost exclusively related to game development. Other than some prototyping, I haven't actually developed anything with UIKit, despite being well familiar. I look forward to gaining a more in depth knowledge about UIKit App development and hopefully sharing some tips.

An iOS marketing goal

Since I first got involved in the iOS App Store, it has been my goal to develop an strong understanding of the marketplace. In the past year, I've done a decent job of being as transparent as possible about my personal experiences, sales and goals, but I can't speak much for the market as a whole. This year I want to continue working at this goal but expand in a way that allows me to help share a greater wealth of information about the market as a whole. I'll talk more about this at a later date.

A RPG game(system) in the pipes

While I'm not confident that I will be releasing a new full game by the end of the year, I will be working away at building a strong/flexible RPG foundation for another iOS game in the future. I've thought a lot about other genres, but they just aren't my thing. Creating Pixel Fighters not only challenged me as a developer, it challenged me as an RPG lover. We, as RPG enthusiasts, have a real fixation on our systems, their intricacies and the strategies/statistics that make our characters the strongest they can be. One area that I think I failed with Pixel Fighters was creating a system deep enough to generate that kind of energy from its fan base, including myself. I also have a lot of personal gripes about the system's flexibility. So the focus this year will be on getting a good system and prototyping ideas. A strong enough system should be able to play to many RPG game ideas. While I don't expect to give away everything I'm doing, I expect to be sharing more details on the core of Pixel Fighters, its weaknesses and the direction I'm going next.

More iOS blogging to come

So with that, I'll keep this entry short. Expect more blogging this year related to the topics above; that's my direction this year